Step by step to create your digital business card and digital portfolio

     To create a digital business card and a digital personal profile, you need to follow these steps sequentially:

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(Note: You need to click on the corresponding items below and follow the step-by-step instructions in the video that's openned)



1. How to create a member account?

2. How to create a digital business card?


3. Instructions for creating a digital personal profile

3.1. How to create a homepage for your digital portfolio?

3.2. How to create the about us of page for your digital portfolio?

3.3. How to create a profile page for your digital portfolio?

3.4. How to upgrade my package?


ADVANCED PART - FEE (This section corresponds to the paid packages, You can see the price list at the homepage)

3.5. How to create component of product/service for your digital portfolio?

3.6. How to create customer's the review component of your digital portfolio?

3.7. How to create page of projects that have been done for your digital portfolio?

3.8. How to create the our team component for your digital portfolio?

3.9. How to create the facts component for your digital portfolio?

3.10. How to create a blog page for your digital portfolio?

3.11. How to create appointment booking and contact pages for your digital portfolio?



4. Setup the system parameters for your digital business card and digital portfolio

4.1. Setup the optimized SEO configuration for customers to find easily

4.2. Setup to Hide/Show components of your digital portfolio

4.3. Setup the Google Captcha security for your digital portfolio

4.4. Setup the email configuration for your digital portfolio


5. How to upgrade or renew the service package?



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